Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

While I have been trying to "greenify" my life for a while now, it is on days like today that I want to do even more than before. While I can't exactly pledge to plant trees in my nonexistent front yard, I am going to go beyond simply buying environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and energy efficient light bulbs. Whenever given the opportunity I will go green. Some of the things I already do, but others will be welcome additions:
  • Use reusable grocery bags (I now proudly sport a black Publix bag I "borrowed" from my mom. Oh how I truly miss Publix)
  • Always unplug unused electronics. I even have two separate power strips - one for things that must stay on (ie. DVR) and one for things that can be plugged in on an as needed basis (ie. computer speakers)
  • Try out an environmentally friendly laundry detergent. This is a new addition for me.
  • Continue to only buy green cleaning products
  • Sleep on my organic cotton sheets
  • Use natural light - which is a lot easier now that the days are getting longer!
  • Try to eat local, which not only supports my local community it helps cut down on fuel costs! Yeah for awesome farmers markets.
I am always open to suggestions on how I can make my life greener and my un-green footprint a little smaller. So, please leave me any thoughts on new things I can try!


Sarah said...

The Seventh Generation products are great! We use the laundry and dish detergents as well as the cleaning products. They are a little pricey sometimes, but they work great!
Good Luck!! Its hard to be green sometimes. john and I are trying to cut down on plastics, its practically impossible.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

I love the idea of two power strips! I have started to ask that restaurants not put in plastic forks & knives and napkins if I order take-out. That helps cut down on the plastic coming into my apartment. Thanks for the ideas!