Monday, April 13, 2009

Apparently stunting IS like riding a bike...

When one of my good friend's informed me he was dating a cheerleader I immediately got the idea in my head that I would once again be able to see if I still had "it." It being able to get my booty in the air after four and a half years of not putting on my cheer shoes. I went out to an open stunt practice at the Charles Street Pier tonight after work. I was really nervous and worried that I would totally suck. That was not the case at all! I started small, with hands, and worked my way up! I did libs, stretches and even basket tosses! I can't wait to go back. Ok, I need to go take some Advil. My butt cheeks are already sore. All photos are of me and my partner back in my days as a UF cheerleader.

(L) This is a one-armed stretch. (R) This is a scorpion.

(L) This is an arabesque. (R) This a one-armed lib


mic said...

ahhhh, you're too cute!

Chris Russo said...