Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I hate the recession

If you know me at all, you know that I love bananas. Even 4-year-olds who have met me once in their lives remember this fact about me. I usually eat at least one a day, that is until it gets too cold outside and the fruit man does not have is cart out on the corner.

When I started my new job I had to adjust to the 5 cent increase in my banana prices. I guess Chelsea is a hotter neighborhood than Herald Square. Before, all I paid was $.35 a piece, and if I was feeling ambitious I could get 3 for a dollar! What a steal! Even then I would sometimes go out of my way and visit the carts that sold them 4 for $1. Oh the good ole days.

So today I notice the fruit vendor is out, it is a bit warmer in NY this week. I stop by and pick out a very nice and yellow one, knowing it will be delicious. I hand the man $.50, and wait for my change. When it doesn't come I have to ask him for it. He does not reply with words, but simply points to the sign. Bananas $.50. Who is he to raise his prices 10 cents? I was not notified of this in writing. This is an outrage. I hate the recession.

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Artie said...

Oh my god this is a horrible story. I hope you are OK. That bastard!