Sunday, January 4, 2009

A busy beaver

So I have been spending all my free time exploring Brooklyn and setting up my new apartment. This week I have spent a lot of time in Fort Greene - two parties on New Years and brunch on Saturday. It's a really cute neighborhood and I am looking forward to spending more time there. 

I've also been making a lot of progress on getting my apartment set up and livable. My "bedroom" is nearly done and looks cute. I use the term bedroom very very loosely as I live in a tiny studio, but you get the point. Look how cute it is :) I will be getting new bedding eventually, so don't knock the quilt my great grandmother made for me. 


One of my curtain rods is really crooked - level didn't exactly hold up on its job and I have to fix it. I also organized my closet and added some kitchen organizing elements. Its starting to feel like a home to me. 

Tomorrow night I am having a couple friends over to watch the new Gossip Girl. I can't wait to show them the place. 

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