Saturday, January 24, 2009

Attention Elephants directly above my bedroom/apartment

Now, I love my apartment - all 300 square feet of it. However I am beginning to hate my neighbor(s) that live above me. He/she is the loudest walker I have ever encountered. And, I have encountered a few ridiculously annoying roommates because of their dinosaur footsteps. 

Before I went to bed I was looking forward to sleeping in, and catching up on my Zzzs. It was much needed. Instead, I was woke up before 8am by Dumbo running back and forth in their apartment. I cannot begin to imagine what they were doing. The stomping didn't stop for at least 45 minutes. Pillows smothering my head didn't even drown them out. What exactly were they doing? Choreographing a dance routine? Doing an aerobic video? Are they incredibly nervous that they pace for long periods of time? WTF?!? 

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