Thursday, January 15, 2009

about to blow

While I like to think of myself as somewhat of a "foodie", today I am considering giving up my title. The last day and a half I have eaten SO much food. You see, we had a big marketing meeting at work yesterday which means everyone is in NY, which means we go to big brunches, lunches, dinner and drinks together, which means I have been full for 26 hours. Ugh.

Here is what I have eaten/drank in the last 26 hours:
Multigrain Cheerios
2 cinnamon and sugar Pop Tarts
some Cheese its
Huge, ridiculously cheesy french onion soup
like 5 cups of "gourmet" coffee
gross chopped salad (so i guess i didn't eat a lot of this)
2 super strong pomegranate margaritas from Rosa Mexicana
Lots of guac and chips
Cheesy chicken goodness from Rosa
these churo things that melted in my mouth
1 Moscow Mule
Banana bread oatmeal (my favorite)
a banana (i'm consistent with my flavors)
A giant carrot cake cupcake (i ate this at about 10:30 am)

Needless to say I know I am about to burst. I suddenly have the urge to go to the gym. Too bad it was about -5 degrees outside this morning and I chose sleep over gym time. There is always tomorrow.

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